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JAM-I-CAN International Programme, is an organization based in Canada. Through partnerships and global volunteering activity, JAM-I-CAN International’s vision is to make Jamaica the place of choice for many persons who want to stay in the warm tropical island with local families, and/or volunteer in schools, nursing homes, clinics, children’s homes, infirmary and homes for the elderly or just work on small community projects with locals, with the aim of improving their quality of lives through volunteerism.

Our Objectives

  1. Providing competitive vacation and volunteering packages to persons who want to “get-a-away” to relax, unwind and have the real Jamaica experience. This experience is incomparable to staying in an all-inclusive hotel.
  2. The rich cultural exchange to be had by staying in a community as persons can interact with locals where they will learn the Creole  language – Patois, the reggae music, sample and eat many variety of Jamaican food/fruits/juices/desserts, as well as visit the many Jamaican attractions – beaches, museums, cultural sites etc.
  3. By volunteering for 3-4 hours per day, you will be providing help in areas where the need is great and will be greatly appreciated.

Our address

815 8th St East Saskatoon S7H 0R6 Canada
18.0788461, -77.69941970000002
+1 306-850-4478

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